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      Dawson Creek, BC to Delta, Alaska

      YUKON roads
      Map with Hwy links
      mpbell Hwy
      Dempster Hwy
      Klondike Hwy-North
      Klondike Hwy-South
      Haines Road
      Nahanni Range Rd
      Silver Trail
      South nol Road
      Top of the World Hwy
      Kluane Lake area
      Dawson City



      Taylor Hwy
      Denali National Park
      Mcrthy Road
      Richardson Hwy
      and more

      ssiar Highway
      Liard Hot Springs

      RV TOURING TRIPS Vancouver Island to Yukon & Alaska
      2010 Aug & Sept
      2009 September
      2008 June
      2007 September
      2001 December
      2000 August
      1998 December
      1997 September
      1993 September

      2020      2019
      2017      2016
      2015      2014
      2013      2012

      I share thousands of photos of Yukon on my website.

      The photos are views of sights on the Alaska Highway.
      Also includes highways and roads in Yukon and many roads in Alaska.
      Also photos of mpgrounds in Yukon, Alaska and British Columbia.
      We mped along every Yukon highway and most highways in Alaska. 
      Also explored numerous backroads in Yukon and Alaska.

      To see photos of all the areas, select a list on the left side here.
      The RV Blogs near the bottom n help you plan RV touring and mping.

      From 1993 to 2010 we drove to Yukon and Alaska from Vancouver Island.
      We moved to Yukon in 2011 beuse I grew up in Beaver Creek, Yukon and loved Yukon again.

      Moose on the Haines Road
      Moose northbound - Haines Road in Yukon - May 2013

      Kluane Lake
      Alaska Highway approaching Haines Junction.

      There are videos of wildlife and Yukon highway touring on YouTube at SueThomasPhoto